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Vehicle Tracking Systems

SATKO provides vehicle tracking systems that empower companies to monitor and manage their fleets. Our customers can track the GPS positions of their mobile assets on digital maps 24×7, 365 days per year.

Vodafone M2M Partner Award

Satko wins the Vodafone Turkey M2M Partner award at the Vodafone Ekosistem Partner event for the third year in a row.

Fleet Management

Satko’s SaaS solution guarantees data integrity, reliability and consistancy across platforms. Customers can access Webtracs through web browsers, smart phones, and tablets. Our powerful API provides a wealth of integration opportunities.

Bilişim 500 Survey

Satko is proud to be included in the BThaber survey of Turkey’s largest 500 IT companies.

Satko is a fast growing technology company based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Reduce Costs
Use your vehicle and employees more effeciently. Make more deliveries or site visits per day.
Improve Supervision
Control vehicle fuel and maintenance costs. Eliminate un-authorised use.
Increase Revenue
Thanks to GPS vehicle tracking companies are able to add more jobs to each work day.  Companies can see a 25% increase in work orders completed after implementing GPS tracking systems.

Increase Safety
Make sure your drivers are following the traffic rules and are driving safely.
Reduce Fuel Costs
Avoid non-authorised trips, manage routes, and decrease unnecesary idling time.
Save Time
Ensure vehicles are taveling to the correct customer address at the correct time. Eliminate un-authorized travel.


Satko GPS Tracking Technology

SATKO Teknoloji A.Ş. is a technology company founded in Istanbul, Turkey, providing GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management software solutions. Satko introduced satellite based vehicle tracking systems and cab-based communication to the international transport industry in 1994.  The largest transportation fleets in Turkey are managing their fleets with Satko solutions.
SATKO invests continuously in research and development. In 1998, SATKO introduced the world's first web-based vehicle tracking interface at the Bilişim 1998 Exhibit. In 2005, SATKO's Fleet Management Research and Development project was awarded support by Turkey's national Research and Development agancy, TÜBİTAK-TİDEB. Our extensive investments in research and development have created one of the most scalable and reliable platforms in the industry. Our solutions can scale to any size fleet and are built to not only work well together but also to seamlessly integrate with your existing technology investments.

Comprehensive Telematics Solutions

Driver Identification
Driver performance reporting discourages bad driving habits and encourages safe driving, reducing fuel costs, maintenance costs, and insurance costs. Driver identification eliminates non-authorized trips.

Engine Immobilizer
Vehicles can only be used when authorized. Eliminates non-authorized trips, when used together with driver identification.

Door Sensors
Monitor when and were cargo doors are opened. Receive warnings for non-authorized openings. Generate reports to optimize loading and un-loading activities.

Temperature Monitoring
Monitor temperature levels through out the cold chain, in refrigerated trailers, in cold storage facilities, and in retail refridgerated units. Receive warnings for no-optimal temperatures. Generate reporting to demostrate compliance.

In-cab Workflow and Navigation
Save on communication costs and time.  Two way text messaging gives drivers a chance to read when convenient and leaves records of communications.  Manage your teams with workflow processes.  Send out work orders with geo-coded addresses, and have them navigate there on the shortest route directly on the built-in navigation.

FMS Vehicle Performance
Extract valueable engine vehicle information from the vehicle canbus network. Receive reports on engine hours, vehicle odometer, fuel consumption, driver identification and other relevant information. Evaluate driver and vehicle performance scorecards. Promote effecient driving and reduce fuel costs.

Panic Button
Pushing the panic button in emergency situations can generate an immediate emergency message at the headquarters and messages to cell phones containing location, time and date, and driver information for immediate action.

Buzzer Alarm
In vehicle buzzer alarms can be generated for events such as over speeding, over idling, out-of-authorized area, and un-authorized driving. This helps driver awareness of infractions and discourages unwanted behaviour. All infractions are also be reported.

Seatbelt Sensor
Driver safetly is an important concern. Monitor if drivers are wearing their seatbelts when driving company vehicles. Receive warnings on the fleet management user-interface, receive automtic cellular messages, and generate in-cab buzzer alarms in order to monitor driver seatbelt safety compliance.


Powerful and Fexible GPS Fleet Tracking Software

The most powerful and flexible GPS fleet tracking software in the market. Improve operations, asset utilization and driver safety with a reliable location intelligence platform that scales to fleets of all sizes.

Maptracs Client-Server
Our Maptracs software enables businesses to deploy a central server and database that can support large numbers of clients across local and wide are networks.

Webtracs Web Interface
The Webtracs web interface enables users connected to the Internet to manage their vehicles and human resources.

Web Service API
Our proven set of web service API's create open communication between our servers, and any system with network connectivity. Companies can integrate real-time vehicle locations into their existing mapping systems and/or integrate work-orders with ERP systems they have deployed.


Fleet Management On the Go

Manage your fleet where ever you are on our smart telephone and tablet applications. Satko enables companies to manage their fleets from their office computers and laptops using the web interface, as well as on their smartphone and tablets by downloading our mobile appplications in the Appstore and Google Play Store. The Satko cloud platform ensures that the data is always centrally stored, and synchronized accros the various access devices. It doesn't matter if you are on a sales call, in a meeting, or on a trip, as long as you are connected to the Internet you can manage your fleet.

Satko Customer Support

Satko Customer Support.
Satko has an experienced, friendly, and capeable support team. We operate a support ticket based system so that we can measure our service and so that customers can see a record of all interactions. Open a support ticket with our customer support team though the Webtracs user-interface, by emailing us at, or by telephone at 0 850 288 44 00, and we will get on it!

Satko Training and Implementation Team.
We offer live on-line training twice a day, every work day. We also offer on-site training for large projects and special implementations. We have a comprehensive web-service API with documentation, and an implementation support team that consults on large projects.

Satko Installation and Maintenance Services.
We offer installation and maintenance services through out Turkey with a qualified and certified network of service centers. The service centers record vehicle registration and odometer values during installation. Provisioning testing is performed together with our installation team before we sign off on the installation.


Reliable and Scaleable Fleet Management

Reliable and Secure Infrastructure
Our server platform is hosted in the Turknet Data Center. All entry requires prior authorization. Entry is accompanied by security staff and is recorded by Rf-id security tags and security cameras. The data center features fully redundant UPS units and fully redundant power generators, enabling us to provide high service availability to our customers.

Fast and Scaleable Server and Data Storage Systems
Our software is running on a fully redundant and scaleable Blade Server platform.  We have Raid Data Storage Units communicating over a Fiber SAN network to offer lightening fast data transactions.

Fiber Internet Connectivity
Our Internet connectivity is provisioned over redundant fiber cables to the Internet backbone.  We interconnect with the GSM operators with VPNs over fiber cables in order provide the best possible routing for our GPS tracking units.

Satko GPS Tracking Technology
SATKO invests in the research and development of GPS vehicle tracking systems.
Comprehensive Telematics Solutions
Comprehensive fleet telematics solutions that empower companies to measure, manage, and improve driver and vehicle performance.
Powerful and Fexible GPS Fleet Tracking Software
Satko features the most powerful and flexible GPS fleet management software. Customize and access from any platform.
Fleet Management On the Go
Manage your fleet where ever you are using our smart phone and tablet mobile applications.
Satko Customer Support
Satko Technical Support, Training and Implementation teams, and Installation and Maintenance Centers.
Reliable and Scaleable Fleet Management
Reliable, Fast, and Scaleable Fleet Management on Satko's cloud platform.