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Download Tachograph and Driver Data Remotely

Driving hours and traffic violations are recorded by digital tachographs in Trucks. According to the Transport regulations, driver card data must be downloaded every 28 days and tachograph data must be downloaded every 90 days. RTDS enables fleet managers to download driver card and mass memory data with the company card still inserted in the back office. Now you can improve fleet efficiency and cut costs while staying compliant with the regulations too.

Benefits of
Digital Tachograph Integration

Remote Transfer of Tachograph and
Driver Card Data to Center

Our Remote Tachograph Download Service (RTDS) replaces manual and time-consuming in-cab downloads with an automatic, scheduled and secure service. This enables the remote download of both the driver cards and mass memory data and guarantees compliance. It’s a solution that saves a lot of time as the truck does not need to return to the depot, and there is no extra burden on the driver; both authentication and download occur remotely while your company card stays in the back office. RTDS allows your drivers to get on with driving and have more time for deliveries, while your fleet managers can rest assured that your operations are complying with the latest legal regulations.
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Working Time/Resting
Time Reporting

Real-time overview of all driver hours and Working Time/Driving Time directive with alerts and notifications to drivers and to dispatchers in order to avoid penalties. The software ensures that your drivers stay compliant with driving, working and resting time, even with indicators for extended driving time. Use daily, weekly, or bi-weekly reports to analyze driver performance and efficiency. Transparency and accuracy of recorded data provides a secure record of driver working hours.