Start Tracking
Your Fleet!

Satko Provides Vehicle tracking systems that empower companies to manage and monitor their fleets. Our customers can track the GPS positions of their mobile assets on digital maps 24x7, 365 days per year.


Use our best practice reports to immediately improve fleet management and driver performance.
Track your fleet on your pc, smart phone, tablet, or any connected device.
Install our tracking device and start using immediately thanks to our Satko Saas cloud service.
We offer installation and maintenance services through out Turkey with a qualified and certified network of service centers.
Satko araç takip sistemleri kullanan bir kamyon

How Does it Work?


Tracking Installation

Satko GPS tracking systems are installed by our qualified Installers. After the provisioning tests, the vehicle information including make, model, license plate, and odometer value are recorded in our database. Vehicles can then be tracked by their license plates and trip odometer data will be accurate. Pro-active fleet management warnings are configured. The GPS tracking devices continuously record the vehicles’s activities through out the day.

Customer Training

After the installation is completed, our training starts. We offer training sessions twice a day every working day. The training sessions are live and on-line. Together with the customer, we create user accounts, assign user rights, configure the reporting engine, and set up the warning messages. Training can be taken any time. New users can learn the basics, and experienced users can learn specifics, or refresh their knowledge. Specific user interface questions can always be asked by calling our support team, or sending them an email at

Optional Inputs and Features

We integrate and remotely configure the installed optional vehicle sensors and driver monitoring equipment. We set up the reporting parameters, create a customer dashboard on our user-interface and provide user training. Our optional modules include driver identification, messaging terminal, fuel consumption and driver performance system, immobiliser, temperature sensors, door sensors, seatbelt sensors, and other inputs. In many cases we provide industry specific solutions made up of the necessary options. We offer solutions for international long-haul transport, waste management, perishable goods transport, hazmat transport, and dispatching.

Vehicle Tracking
Unit Transmits Data

The GPS vehicle tracking units stores all vehicle and driver activity. The device then takes all of its stored data and transmits it though the cellular network. Thanks to our VPN interconnections with the Turk Telekom, Turkcell, and Vodafone GSM networks, all units using the SATKO APN transmit directly to our data center.

Vehicle Information is Processed
and Stored on Our Servers

Vehicle and driver information is processed and stored on the servers in our data center. Warnings and reports (for over speed, geofence entry/exit, over idling, maintenance warning, etc..) are generated based on the data values and configuration settings. All data is stored in our redundant data storage units.

Users Track their
Vehicles On-line

The users can access our servers on-line over the Internet by logging into our Webtracs interface and by downloading our Apple IOS app, or our Android app. Using their pc, smartphone, or tablet, they can view all of the activities of the vehicles, build optimal routes, create operating rules, and communicate with the drivers.