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Benefits of GPS Tracking

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Satko Benefits
  • Satko GPS vehicle trackings systems provides companies with visibility into vehicle location, fuel usage, speed, mileage, and other insights into driver behavior. Companies reduce operating and capital costs, while boosting revenues.
  • Our customers can manage their fleets, monitor daily routes, and incentivise safe driving.
  • By comparing planned trips to actual completed trips, real-time as well past performance, companies can make immediate corrections as needed, and optimise future planning with real world feedback.
  • Real-time positioning available anywhere empowers managers to make fast and accurate decisions.

Reduce Costs
Use your vehicle and employees more effeciently. Make more deliveries or site visits per day.
Improve Supervision
Control vehicle fuel and maintenance costs. Eliminate un-authorised use.
Increase Revenue
Thanks to GPS vehicle tracking companies are able to add more jobs to each work day.  Companies can see a 25% increase in work orders completed after implementing GPS tracking systems.

Increase Safety
Make sure your drivers are following the traffic rules and are driving safely.
Reduce Fuel Costs
Avoid non-authorised trips, manage routes, and decrease unnecesary idling time.
Save Time
Ensure vehicles are taveling to the correct customer address at the correct time. Eliminate un-authorized travel.